About us

Our reputation and success stems from our strong desire to inspire organizations and individuals to enjoy outdoors. As innovators ourselves our passion drives us to produce the finest, market-leading shading products, which are based on bold and functional ideas derived from our own expertise gained under the hood.

Innovation, functionality, quality and design are the cornerstones that support our product development. With our strong research and development team, our technical insight into materials and production methods, we have repeatedly brought innovative and benchmark features and products to the market. Uniquely, we also benefit from feedback provided by our customers – including people we meet at events, our Facebook-followers and website community.

Sabson’s ancestory is very much one of firsts – for nearly a decade we have maintained offices in the Middle East to guarantee our products are manufactured to the highest quality. Members of our staff also ensure that our tents are checked for defects and flaws before they are installed. Such quality control is truly first in the field and remains unique to Sabson.

We never stop striving to improve. That’s Sabson, Often imitated, never bettered!